Ceramic Workshop

Create your own artefact using the rawest of all materials.

  • Create your artefact
  • Challenge your creativity
  • Learn about ceramic techniques and materials

I will introduce you to the wonderful world of ceramics, where clay becomes art, teaching you the materials and techniques of the art in my studio. Under my guidance, you will create your artefact, a unique souvenir to take back home!

You can opt for completing the procedure yourself, within a few days’ intervals, or allow our ceramist to bake, paint and send your artefact to your desired address. Additional costs are involved.


Time: 1½ hour
Price: 60€/person, extra cost applies for baking.
Included: Ceramic class
Not Included: Baking, enamel and sending (extra costs, paid on the spot)
Languages: Greek, English and French
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